1125 N. Nappanee St. Elkhart IN 46514

(574) 264-4189

About Shaum Electric, Co., Inc.

Shaum Building, 1945
One of the founders Lucille Shaum with
her son Lewy Shaum
(President of sister company ESCO)

Shaum Electric Company Inc. was founded June 1, 1945 by Lowell and Lucille Shaum. By 1946 the business moved from their basement to 115 State Street in Elkhart and then shortly after moved to larger headquarters at 1047 S. Main Street.

In the early 1950’s, to complement their growing service business, Lowell and Lucille opened an electrical supply vendor, Elkhart Supply Company – “ESCO”.

In 1964, needing more space for the various departments, Shaum and ESCO jointly moved into the empty Riblets Mfg. building at 1125 N. Nappanee Street where Shaum remains today. ESCO is currently located behind Shaum at 1126 Kent Street.

In 1980 Shaum Mfg., Inc., was founded with the panel department as its base.

May 1, 1982, then chairman of the board, Lowell Shaum died of an extended illness. It was a great loss to the company, but those that worked under Lowell learned well. Many of his ideas, business philosophy and management policies have proved strong and are carried on by his sons: Gary Shaum, President of Shaum Electric Co., Inc., and Lewis Shaum, President of Elkhart Supply Company. Lucille Shaum retired December 31, 1985.

Celebrating 75 years of business in 2020, Shaum remains family owned and operated by the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation family members. Thanks to all the hard work of the founders and dedication from current employees, Shaum Electric continues to serve Elkhart and the surrounding communities